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We are committed to providing a full range of services. These include:

Boarding- We provide comfortable boarding for dogs and cats under thirty pounds. Under the close care of our doctors and caring technicians, you can leave your pet without worry.

Dental Care- Healthy teeth and gums are an imperative aspect of your pet’s well being. We offer a variety or oral and dental care products, digital dental radiographs, dental treatments and cleanings to help prevent, diagnose, and treat your pet’s every dental need.

Exams- Our experienced veterinarians are here to provide comprehensive medical exams, wellness exams and much more.

Food Store- We carry a variety of flavors and formulas from Science Diet, Royal Canin, and Hill’s Prescription Diet foods for your dog or cat’s nutrition.

In House Labs- for your convenience, we have a high tech laboratory that enables us to run most tests on location for faster diagnosis and results.

Nutrition Consultation- Does your pet have dietary issues or food allergies? Or do you just want to know the best food for your pet to keep them healthy? Our knowledgeable doctors can help and are happy to answer any questions to help you find the best diet for your dog or cat.

Puppy and Kitten Plans- Vaccinating your puppy or kitten is important to help build immunities and keep them safe. We offer package deals that will help ensure your pet is vaccinated and healthy during their first year of life. We have several different levels to fit the lifestyle of each individual pet.

Radiographs- We provide excellent x-ray services for diagnostic aid.

Senior Health- Our doctors can offer specialized advice and tools to help your pet age gracefully and comfortably. We also have tests that checks the liver, kidneys, thyroid, heart and for cancer. Catching potential health risks in your older pet early, can help them live a longer, healthier life.

Spay and Neuter- We provide spay and neuter services for your dog or cat that are performed in a safe environment.

Surgical Excellence- Our veterinarians are skilled surgeons. With the help of our experienced and caring technicians, we endeavor to provide the best surgical care and to keep your pet calm and comfortable through the whole surgical process.

Vaccinations- For our canine patients, we offer: parvo distemper, bordetella, lepto, rabies and the canine influenza vaccine. For our feline patients, we offer: FVRCP, feline leukemia, and rabies vaccines. We also have Giardia and Influenza vaccines available.


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